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Considering the switch to solar energy but unsure of how to begin? Look no further! SOLEX, India's premier solar company, introduces an easy-to-use solar calculator to guide you through the process.

Our solar calculator is developed to assist you in acertaining the potential savings when shifting to solar power. This user-friendly online tool requires just a few basic inputs, making it accessible to everyone. The Solex Solar rooftop calculator intgrates advanced algorithms, ensuring best estimates. It stands out as one of India's top-performing and efficient solar panel calculators, making the solar energy accessible to all.

Why Solar Power Calculator ?

A solar power calculator serves as a valuable tool for residentials and industries interested in transitioning to solar energy. It tells you things for making good choices about using the sun for power. The solar calculator will also help you understand several key elements of installing solar panel systems, such as:

  • Estimate monthly power savings
  • Determine size of Solar PV system
  • Approximate area required for the installation
  • Check solar investment and returns

Get your Solar Savings

How to use SOLEX Solar Calculator?

Curious about solar? Our solar calculator is your guide! Find out how much money you can save, plan your solar costs, and discover the Earth-friendly side of solar power. Learn to make smart choices with the sun - it's as easy as using our calculator! If you're new to solar calculators, here's a simple guide:

  • Choose your goal: Decide if you want a solar system for residential or commercial purpose. This will help us to determine if you are eligible for any Government Subsidy and other costing parameters.
  • Enter details: Provide your Full Name, Phone Number, Pin Code, state and the city. Add your monthly electricity bill in rupees.
  • Get results: After entering all these details, the SOLEX solar calculator will swiftly calculate the estimated results in just a few seconds.
  • Solar EMI: You can also contact our expert team if you need any help on Solar Financing, since we have tie-ups with major finance providers across India.

Standard Estimation of Solar Power

This is a standard calculation of the solar power calculator on the basis of factors based on the residential living in Surat, Gujarat. Where the average current monthly bill is ₹15,000. The SOLEX Solar Calculator shows following estimates:

Solar Plant Size

10.0 kW

Ideal Area Required

1266 Sqft

Estimate Price


Monthly Bill with Solar

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Savings using Solar


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